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To better understand the origin of the Habitations of Hope Ministry and what the purpose and Intentions were for its conception, the wards of the Habitation of Hope Ministry decided to have one-on-one  interview with our Mummy, Pastor (Mrs) Folu  Adeboye. The boys (Busayo Dada, Temitope Opatayo and Emmanuel Sunday) had earlier gotten their intention across through the home administrator to request Mummys’ audience and on the 25th of November 2015 and they got their shot!!!


Name: Busayo Dada

Year admitted into the home: June 2015

School: Hebron college

Class: S.S.2

Mummy,on behalf of everyone in the home we just want to say thank you so much for being our mother and for your care,we pray that God will not  withhold any good thing from you and all that concerns you.

We would like to ask you a few questions for our Hope Day Magazine ma, and so my first question:

Ma,what prompted you ma to start Habitation of Hope Ministry?

Since you are part of the system you already know the need ,the boys didn’t  have homes and were at the mercy of some evil men who used them to do their  evil bidding; the evangelist came to them, brought them to our convention and after which they said our  they didn’t want to go back, I told them NO!, That I didn’t have a place for them and they left.A week later  the evangelist said that of the boys that came to the convention , 6 of them were pulled  into the ocean during an ocean surge  and 3 of them drowned. That pricked my heart as I didn’t want the blood of any one on my hands, so arranged for a place for them at Loburo opposite Redemption Camp, although the house was partially completed, we had to finish it just to make it habitable and since the whole work was about giving hope in Christ we named the Ministry the Habitation of Hope that’s where we started from.

What are the few challenges you have currently as regards the Habitation of Hope Ministry?

Initially the challenges were raising them up and balancing them. Thank God for the teachers, caregivers, Pastors, evangelists and especially Mrs Balogun (the coordinator)because they gave these people quite a tough time (puncturing holes in the wall and ceiling just to run away, beating up their house masters and all sorts of unruly things) and most importantly money. It cost  quite a lot to feed and cloth them considering that then, we just finished establishing the Wholistic Outreach which sits just next to  the Habitation of Hope. But we thank God he came through for us because anything that God  is involved in always turns out well but as I said the challenge is balancing them to be well behaved in a Christian manner and of course money, those are the challenges we are having.

Where does the Habitation of Hope ministry stand in the CSR program for the Redeemed Christian Church of God?

CSR!!!!! That’s Corporate Social Responsibility Right? Well they have been visiting you, some of the women from RCCG have been coming to see you bringing bags of rice and we have some of our Board Members from abroad(Canada) Mr. and Mrs. Amoye, the board chairman too also helps us but other than that, the whole burden is on our neck. The CSR in RCCG in general, we have been told to perform such services outside the RCCG community which might be the reason why we haven’t fully felt the impact, perhaps in the near future they might get to visit us soon and more frequently.

Would you say  you are satisfied with how far the Habitation Ministry has gone?

I would say I’m satisfied but not up to full standard, until we receive accreditation from heaven, and you know that’s when we leave earth here. I  would be satisfied when I see the boys end up becoming Pastors, Lawyers, Evangelist, Doctors and etc.., besides only 10 boys in the system have gotten into university level, so its until I see them leave the system working for God and striving to help their brothers they left behind, then I will be satisfied…..

What are your projections for Habitation of Hope?

My projection as I have told you that I want to see God Help us raise you to become balanced men in the society when you become Lawyers and Doctors, for those who didn’t go to school and are learning a vocation  that they  graduate to become  professionals in their field, leaving the past like smoking  Indian hemp, stealing and all sorts. That’s my projection and what I look forward to.

What do you hope to see in the ministry in the next 10yrs doing or being?

In the next 10 years I would like to see more homes established, especially by the young men who were raised from the system doing the same thing done to them unto other people, to show gratitude to God as the bible said in 1 peter 2:9 ”we are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation called forth to show the praises of him who has called us out of darkness into his marvellous light”. so that’s what I am hoping to see in the near future and I pray to God to assist you in Jesus Name Amen.

What part do you hope for Government to partake in this ministry or its kind now and in the near future?

Well I know the government is aware of our existence, so we can hope to have their support as running a home of this magnitude involves a lot; for instance the monthly upkeep of the home is 2.5 million Naira and we have  not included school Fees, Clothing, School books, bags and educational materials for school which could run to over 14 million if we consider the university undergraduates. Then there are the staff members that we need to make comfortable every month.

So we need the Governments assistance to supply more needs so that we can focus on the spiritual of things but for now we just have to keep igniting the fire till the day when all your testimonies will fill the air and then have them recognize our existence.

If you had the opportunity to start the ministry from scratch, what would you do differently?

Well I don’t think I would do much differently except maybe pray more, have the government more involved, and acquire more lands so we can have more suitable structures to accommodate the needs of the boys in the home.

What word would you like every child in the Habitation of Hope ministry to take with them where ever they go?

They should know that they have to make heaven, as God has given them hope here on earth that they should know that there is hope for them also in heaven and therefore strive for the good things in life, they must be focused on making heaven.

Thank you for time ma.


Name: Tope Opatayo

Year Admitted into the home: June2015

School: Vocation Center, Habitation of hope (welding Department)

Ma, may God continue to give you the strength and support to us. i pray God increase you and and your family all around.

Mummy what message would you like say to boys on the street?

Well the message I have is being sent through you. I can’t do much street evangelism like I used to then. I used to do this back then where I rented a hall in china town Ojota to organize some form of formal education for them (street children) after they are done hawking all their guguru, groundnut and all sorts in the evening, but now I have you boys to do that by leading a life that is worthy of God and worthy of emulation so that other street boys can see the glory of God in you and would have to come to that glory. that is my message.

If you had a chance to speak to the parents/guardians of the boys in Habitation of Hope what would it be?

I will first like to thank God for their lives as we know the plan of the devil is to have their family parted but God did not have it so. I will now expect them to maximize the second chance to become good parents to their children and do all their best for their children to be parents for them.

What would you expect from each child at the end of their training/schooling?

As I said I expect every child to strive to  make some opportunity that God has given them, becoming doctors, lawyers, big business men and all sorts. That they become evangelist and carry Christ with them everywhere they go, raising the banner of salvation. That they are able to have the glory of God reflect in their lives and now come back to help  the other boys, for instance the boys in the university I expect them after they graduate and start working to have a portion of their salaries monthly be remitted to their younger ones so they can play a part as the change agents God has helped us train them to be. I can’t be here forever  paying  school  fees, school uniform and all sorts.

What would you say to any child that wants to run away?

We will preach that they should not run from glory of God and if they should  run away they should not come back, I remember some boys who ran and came back and I warned them not to frustrate our efforts especially for the serious ones who wants to stay.

Do you think education and welfare for all street  boys is possible?

Yes of course it’s possible; if it’s possible for you then it can be possible for others. My prayer is that God raise people of like minds who have a burden to want to see this through like myself, Mummy Balogun and all your teachers who have to endure a lot just to see this vision become a reality.

Thank you mummy, God bless you ma.


Name: Emmanuel Sunday

Year Admitted into The Home: 2008

School: Hebron College

Class: J.S.S 2

Mummy, we pray that God will reward you for all your effort on our behalf and help you see all your works flourish on us.

We are thankful for the opportunity of a better life at Habitation of Hope but we would like to know  if there are others ways that our families can be traced for those of us who don’t have any contact with them anymore?

Initially before we ask you stay in the home, we try to reconcile them back with the help of God through whatever information we get from you, although some boys can’t really give much details as to ascertain where their background is while some have been so bad that their parents don’t want to see them as a result of their misguided ways or just don’t have the means to take care of them. So every attempt is made to ascertain where each child’s background is investigated.

Mummy, some of us were sent from Lagos and Ogun State Government Ministries and we are moved around a lot, can we have RCCG adopt us rather than go back to where we came from?

Well the redeemed Christian church of God has already adopted you, as you can see, since I don’t have any ministry of my own. Everything I’m doing is under the auspices of RCCG.

We thank God for our teachers and guardians who have been really trying for us but Mummy, is it possible to have you come sit with us even if it is twice a year?

Well I have been doing that, I was still there this year February and I believe you were around right? I always  try to make time every year to sit with you all, but by God’s grace I will try to make it twice a year.

Ma, for some of us who don’t know our parents at all, what are your plans for our future?

Well first I would like you to know that God the  Father, Son and Holy spirit will ever remain true parents to you, like I said we will  make all efforts to trace your parents from as much information as we can gather, and then there are people like us who wants to adopt. Thank God for adoption  which is no longer  an issue, it’s even better if you are older as you get to know all you have to do is bear their  name and they will take responsibility for you as their own, all you have to do is submit to them and be obedient. That’s the only way adoption can work if you choose to.

Thank you very much Mummy, we will definitely take this back to the rest of the boys in the home, we promise   to ensure all your expectations  and  projection for the ministry become a reality by playing our part by Gods help. God bless you and your family Mummy, we love and cherish you.

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The R.C.C.G Habitation of Hope International Ministry was founded by God which is entrusted into the care of our mother-in-Israel pastor Mrs. Folu Adeboye, the ministry is commissioned to take care of street kids between the ages of 7-17 years.



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